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Luggage Tags 
Instant Pot
We purchased these luggage tags for our first Royal Caribbean cruise, which was on Oasis of the Seas.  They will also work on Celebrity cruises.  What I like about them is that they come with heavy steel braided tags, with a screw on braided metal barrel connector. No chance of losing these luggage tags unless your luggage handle gets torn off like mine did.  But still this luggage tag managed to hold on in spite of the handle hanging there.  And there is a zip lock top to keep your tag inside the pocket.  It fits Royal Caribbean tags perfectly We've used these through two cruises already and they've held up well.  We bought these on Amazon.com from Cruise Tag Caddy.  Great company and a great price!
Okay, I know that this is not a cruising item, but I just have to do a review about it because it's my new favorite thing!  I've had my Instant Pot brand electric pressure cooker since January, and I swear that I've used it at least once a week ever since I got it.  My favorite thing to make in it is Greek Yogurt.  I love Greek Yogurt, and it's so much cheaper to make it in the Instant Pot than to buy it, and you know that way what's going into it.  And then at least once a week I'll make a soup or stew that will last the two of us through two meals, plus sometimes a bit leftover to freeze for lunches.  I can have a meal cooked in less than an hour if I do the prep work, such as chopping the vegetables, the night before.  I've only used the Yogurt and the Pressure Cooker function so far, but I plan to branch out soon.  And so far I've had no problem at all with the Instant Pot.  The seal does tend to pick up the smell of the food, but that smell has not gone into the Yogurt when I make it.  It's easy to clean.  I put the pot and the seal in the dishwasher, and wash the lid by hand.  I want to be sure to get all the food out of the vent area.  I have a 6 quart, and I find that it's big enough for what I need.
We purchased the IConntechs Camera a couple of  years ago because we wanted something for underwater, but the Go-Pro was just too expensive.  It's officially called the ICONNTECHS IT Full HD 1080P Sport Action Camera WIFI FHD 60 fps HDMI 14MP 170 Degree Wide Viewing Angle 2.0 Inch LCD Waterproof DV Camcorder for Extreme Outdoor Sports, and it's actually gone down in price since we purchased it.  So far we've used this camera for still and video pictures of snorkeling at Coki Beach ( see pictures here) and snorkeling in Cozumel.  It has taken great pictures that are very comparable to a Go-Pro, and way better than using one of those disposable underwater cameras.  It comes with a waterproof housing and accessories to mount it.  We've also used it ziplining.  We've had no problems with it and have been happy with the picture quality. I actually used it to figure out what stung me in Cozumel, and the video quality was very clear.  I have since bought one for a family member who likes to snorkel.

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